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Padprop is a portable stand for the iPad that offers something unique: it's perfectly designed to sit between your knees and offer a premium typing angle. Plus, it's very light, tough and even has a storage compartment for your earbuds. I've spent two weeks using one and can now share my experience. Best of all, we've got two to give away later this week. One is my test unit and the other is still new in the box. Read on for my review of the Padprop.


Inside the box you'll find he Padprop itself plus two cable covers. The Padprop is very lightweight (it's made of EVA foam) at 50 grammes, but it's tough. Just holding it you know that it's not easily damaged. I've been carrying mine around in my bag, which goes in and out of the car regularly, without incurring any damage.

On the back of the device is a clever storage compartment designed specifically for holding Apple's earbuds.

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Looking a bit like a black-foam profile of a Texas longhorn skull, Prop-It Limited’s £15 PadProp is a compact iPad holder that feels sturdy and keeps the tablet in the middle of your lap. The PadProp’s unique shape allows you to wedge it in the dip between your legs while sitting, keeping your iPad secure while using your device.

Typing on the iPad feels great, as the PadProp leaves the screen completely unobstructed and keeps the iPad stable. On the back of the PadProp is a holder for Apple’s earbuds, in case you take the holder with you on the go. The PadProp is available in a variety of colours, such as black, neon green, or pink.

While the PadProp works well, it forces you to keep your legs close together to ensure your iPad and holder don’t fall or sink. The PadProp was also hard to slip on and off, sometimes requiring some muscle to remove it, and doesn’t work with the tablet in portrait mode. The holder works best as a flat surface viewer, allowing you to place the iPad at various angles for viewing by moving the holder up or down.

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I’m writing this from my iPad. Yeah, the same iPad with the constrained touch screen keyboard that usually falls ill to numerous typos and errors. iPad is great for media consumption, but for productivity – if falls short. It’s held back by the goddamn keyboard. It’s hard to type consistently with, and it’s annoying. Now, however, we have Padprop.

This is a useful little tool that allows you to prop your iPad up at a perfect typing angle. I love how useful it is. It’s a really nice design, which just slips around the iPad and you can adjust it to any angle you need. I was using it as a sturdy stand that turned my iPad into a photo frame for a while, and it was so discreet that nobody noticed it.

The material it’s made out of it very nice. It’s made out of hard foam and is very strong. It’s unlikely to break and is really nice and sturdy to hold. It’s very easy to apply to the stand, as well as adjusting it. No scratches have appeared on my device and the Padprop remains in perfect condition.

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“The Padprop is a bit of foamy plastic that, as the name suggests, props up your iPad. There’s a version for each model. What’s clever about it? Lots of things. It fits the iPad really neatly (without a case, obviously) and isn’t a fuss to get on and off.

By sliding it up and down you can get different angles. And it’s shaped like the space between your knees, so you can put it there when sitting on a train, perching on a step, reclining on the white Naugahyde sofa in the anteroom of a high-class bordello, and so on.

Flaws? You can’t do anything in portrait, and the built-in earphone tidy is designed for Apple earbuds, which aren’t even supplied with the iPad. Daft. We’d rather have had somewhere to keep our USB cable.

But for 15 quid including speedy delivery, and weighing nothing, this is a great little accessory.
The PP is a beautifully simple design to offer a really good performance. Weighing in at only 50 grams –man that is light– constructed of foam, when lying on the iPad itself, stays within its borders, makes this lap stand super easy to travel with. While a tad bulky, it is so light it almost makes up for its lack of adaptability. It cant be folded and it is pretty confined in its specific purpose.

You can’t fold it, and if you are looking for a stand that allows for portrait use, look elsewhere. As a table top stand it works well but its foot print is pretty large making it an “iffy” item if you maintain a cluttered desk. The seated position it offers is pretty limited, it wont work with crossed or one legged use, and bed use is a No-Go. And you will be using your inner thighs a lot to keep it placed properly by squeezing them together –women who are into fitness will love that–. These are all the negatives. But the positives are abound.

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The Padprop has to be one of the lightest stands that I have ever used. Weighing in at only 50 grammes (about the same as 2 bags of crisps) the Padprop can easily be carried around and you won’t even know that its there.

The Padprop is made of foam, which gives it its ability to be so light, but also stops it from scratching up our beloved iPad.

Now there are many iPad 2 Stands out there but this is probably the best one that I have ever used, in fact the Padprop works with both 1st Gen iPads and also the iPad 2. I’ve had the Padprop for about 2 weeks and I use it everyday, whether using my iPad to watch films on or using it to write articles. The best thing about the Padprop is the ability to use it at different angles, simple slide the Padprop up and down the iPad’s sides to find the perfect angle for yourself.

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Yesterday I received the Padprop 2 to review and in 24 hours I can honestly say it is great and I am making full use of it while writing this review. For those of you who are not familiar with the product, its quite simply a single foam part which acts as a stand in many situations.

With the ergonomically designed shape, once the accessory has been fitted to the iPad 2 it can rest between the legs allowing an adjustable viewing angle depending on the sitting position. It also has a little recess to place your headphones to keep them safe and tidy. If you have the original iPad then there is a version specifically for it so do not fear!

Not only is it used on the lap but also on the desk. As mentioned, the design is simplistic and will fit in on a desk with ease. As you can see from the pictures above, the Padprop 2 allows for angle adjustability while maintaining a firm and sturdy stance for constant use.

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  • "I am writing this from my iPad and I can - despite my knee op - because of your invention. Major congrats on such a smart, deceptively simple design. I have been Ill following a knee op and working from home, confined to bed. The Padprop was incredibly useful."

    Trish Long - Vice President & General Manager of Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Ireland.
  • "I was a little concerned that the PadProp was just a bit of shaped foam but it is very sturdy with a professional textured finish. Now I can have my iPad on my lap at just the right angle. It is also very stable when used on a table. Best of all it is so light that I can see myself carrying this everywhere. When lying across the iPad diagonally it only sticks out slightly. It grips my iPad very securely, which does mean sliding it on and off takes a little effort but it's better that way than too loose. Great design and well made. I would definitely recommend."

    Nashi - via
  • "I've used my padprop2 on a table, in bed, on the sofa, in a car, on a plane, in a restaurant (keeping the kids quiet). The only thing better than it is my ipad2!"

    Kay Almond
  • "Just got this today...fantastic product...simple, inexpensive, stylish and practical....It works really well and without the usual hefty price tag associated with iPad! Even my Bang & Olufsen Headpones fit it which is an unexpected bonus. I hope this sells really well for you guys...I for one will be telling my Ipad owning friends about it."

    Keith McColl - Go Cruise.
  • "I love my Padprop! I use it at home, at work, on the bus and at the coffee shop! So much better than any other "book stand" I have tried. And so light! Thanks for a great product!!"

    Lars Dahi
  • "I ADORE my padprop! I have worked with it all weekend and I am wondering how I lived without it."

    Midge Frazel
  • "The Padprop is the most revolutionary gadget since the iPad, not many simple solutions in this world can make life so much better, but thats exactly what the Padprop does. Worth a LOT more than its weight in gold :)"

    Craig Stevens
  • "I first bought a Padprop at the Gadget Show in 2011. Since then I upgraded to the iPad 2 and the first accessory I purchased was a Padprop. By far the best iPad stand available!"

    Jon Boon
  • "Bought this at the Gadget Show Live. Whilst it is sold as being stand for using on your lap, it is just perfect on a table as well as on your lap. On a table, the fact that the PadProp slides up and down the sides of the iPad means you can angle it at whatever angle you want. So it has become the iPad stand of choice in our house, not just for lap use!
    Such a simple product and does the job beautifully. A top top item."

    Reading Fan - via
  • "The Padprop is such a simple but good idea. Can be angled easily for table/desk does not slip and feels very secure. Ideal for on your lap as prop sits comfortably between knees. Hoping it works well on lap or tray on aircraft for those boring holiday flights (with the extra useful idea of headphone storage)."

    Ju Ju - via
  • "I had been looking for a simple stand for my iPad and I'm so glad I bought this, it's simple to use and nice and light to carry while being very sturdy. It's a great little piece of kit, it's really stable on your knee, on a table and even on the bed, I'd recommend it to anyone, even my in-laws have one each for there iPad's and they are extremely pleased"

    Ms T.J. Smith - Via
  • "I have just received my Padprop. What a simple idea, it allows you to type at any angle, saving the strain on my neck, only two days to deliver this item. Excellent Product"

    Dennis Canham
  • "Use this for my IPad 2 with its case in place (tucano) Prop has enough play in it to accommodate the case and is now the only stand I use. The headset storage system is not that useful as I use Bluetooth headphones but if it's what floats your boat it would probably be fine. Ultra lightweight and great for lap work. BUY ONE!"

    Spanner "Gadget Freak" - Via
  • "Quite simply - a must have for all iPad users. Great!!"

    Harry Smith - Via
  • "This is the best ipad 2 stand I've seen so far, basic but does a great job. Especially good when using it on your lap, very impressed."

    GAZ - Via